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Video/picture feed is super fuzzy and not sharp at all! Can be used for any type of camera from film slr to pinhole to cinematographic.

Meters Wireless InEar Audio Monitors in Black

This android light meter comes with a sunny sixteen calculator and a depth of field calculator.


Par meter app ios. The app is free on the app store. It has a very attractive interface and updates to various light levels automatically. Pocket light meter is a free, very popular app produced by nuwaste studios.

Aug 2020, 2 years later and the camera issue has not been fixed!! Our photone grow light meter app measures photosynthetically active radiation (par) as ppfd in µmol/m²s, calculates the daily light integral (dli) in mol/m²d, and measures illuminance in foot candles or lux. It uses the phone camera and any available object with known size as a reference.

The first app is suitable for both systems but works particularly well with ios. The light meter free app offers reflected and incident light meters to its users. Tested accurate against gossen and sekonic meters on most devices.

Partometer is a useful and handy camera tool for object dimensions measurements that can be used as a ruler or tape measure. It also allows you to measure light temperature in kelvin which can help you determine if a light is suitable for fruiting and. Other than that, the user interface seems very outdated and clunky.

Great app, feels a little outdated app is accurate. Ive used this for both a mamiya 645 and rz67. Lightmeter for android or mylightmeter for ios are different names for an app that will transform your smartphone in a reliable light meter.

There’s a serious camera issue when opening up the app on the iphone x on ios 11.4.1. My only complaint is that the app’s layout and overall look feels a little outdated. This is handy for self portraits.

This app is highly useful for golden hour photography and landscape photos. A reflected light meter with spot metering (using the device's camera) and an incident light meter (using the device's light sensor) in one app. All its functionality is immediately displayed on the start page, so you’ll find out what you need to do.

The best light meter app for plants in 2021. My film comes out well exposed. Every day in my work and play, i am experimenting with high dynamic range images.

Reflected light levels are measured with the help of the camera while incident light levels are measured by using a light sensor. This app is an astonishingly good replacement! I don’t even carry a light meter because i trust this app so much.

If you’re old enough to remember the classic light meters from the past, you’ll love the retro style of the lightmeter app. Light meter apps promise to offer much needed help to efficiently utilize plant grow lights at their best. Install angle meter 360 (ios) 7.

I’m now on an iphone 11 pro max running ios 13.6. This light meter app has a simple interface. I’ve used another meter where you have to push a button to take a reading, but this does it on the fly, which is what i particularly like about it.

In the last 27 years, the trust has funded over 1,000 projects across 56 countries in the global battle against hiv/aids, giving away over $17. I was seriously going to write my own app, but this is very good, don't need to! There is a free version, but the pro will give you some extras.

The feature we like is the shown camera feed, which allows for precise aiming at the desired light source. Check out the android equivalent of this app, protractor (free). At work i have a $5,000 light meter, but not at home.

This app is still having issues focusing both the rear and front facing cameras! We tested the most widely used light meter apps to come up with a clear recommendation for you. It has more features than the lux meter, but you could definitely test the two to see which performs best in various settings.

First, you can meter through the front camera or the back camera. Excellent meter this is a simple, easy to use and straightforward tool for measuring light. In comparison to the rest of these apps, it's actually pretty basic, but even it offers some cool features.

This app is developed by nipakul buttua, available for free and unfortunately bombarding you with advertising. This free application has a very simple and clear interface.

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