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Is There An App To Keep You From Drunk Texting

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️ before drinking app, drunk sms blocker, text locker, texting blocker & messenger app blocker (for all your usual messaging apps. 'don't dial' blocks you from texting, calling, or doing anything revolving around a contact.

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After a big night out, the drunken selfies you posted on facebook can make slinking into work the next morning feel like a “walk of shame.” that’s why facebook is working on an app to help.


Is there an app to keep you from drunk texting. To avoid drunk texting, the app will block certain phone contacts for up to 12 hours. Download an app that keeps you from using your phone while you’re drunk. 571 + 332 + 57.

There’s a number of easy ways to send a text message while in 'drunk mode,' including using the app’s own 'send my location' feature. Put a stop to drunk texts, calls, snapchats, tweets, and facebook posts once and for all. One final prompt will give you a last chance to cancel.

If you do try to text someone while you have put this app into motion, you will be required. Luckily, there are apps to stop you from texting someone. If you're scrolling on your phone the next day and you see 5 messages you sent to your ex while drunk, you'll want an app that lets you edit each message after sending.

Your first port of call is going to be one of the many apps to. Texting while drunk may be even more widespread than drunk dialing due to the fact that it’s relatively easier to send a text than make a phone call. Try out “drunk mode,” a free app that sends you reminders and warnings on your phone when you plan on texting, and also records your location when you go out.

This app helps you analyze whether your message is suitable to be sent or not. To avoid drunk texting, the app will block certain phone contacts for up to 12 hours. Istock university student joshua anton, 23, believes he has created an app that will do.

You can remove the block before that time only by solving a math equation (for example: One final prompt will give you a last chance to cancel. The solution to this could be another drunk app.

Designed for people out on the town, it is also very helpful for those of us who are in fact staying. Search your phone’s app store for apps that can give you some extra support while you’re feeling tipsy. Drunk dialing, drunk texting, drunk emailing, drunk blogging — it's all a pretty bad idea.thankfully, technology is on your side, and there are a number of ways your tech can keep you from.

In the same study that looked at students’ drunk dialing, 89% of participants had sent a text message while drunk, and 43.6% said that they felt guilty about it later. The button needs to be clicked before you even start drinking. In case you want to open the locked apps, just answer a simple question from the topic you selected, and your apps shall get unlocked.

Drunk mode is an app that lets you block specific contacts for up to 12 hours. *obviously, the simplest way to avoid drunk texting is to avoid excessive drinking. To avoid drunk texting, the app will block certain phone contacts for up to 12 hours.

There are also options to save the text to send. Drunk locker shall keep your selected apps locked at those times. If you're regularly guilty of texting people you probably shouldn't, there's a new ap here to help.

It recognises spelling errors and formatting mistakes, and if there are one too many, it. Once the app is activated, you'll have to answer a series of math problems. According to a february 2012 article, the drunk texter can lock contacts for a predetermined amount of time or give a friend the power to decide when the texter is sober enough to have control.the only way around this is if the texter has memorized the.

For this app to work properly, you will need to click on the button that says ‘click when drinking’. In case you are more of a drunk texter than a drunk dialer, this is the app for you. Before picking up that martini, download these drunken dialing/texting apps.

There are also options to save the text to send.

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