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How To Install Led Strip Lights Step By Step

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Press it while sticking to the surface. Before installing your lights, clean the surface where you’ll hang them with a window cleaning solution or a mixture of vinegar and warm water.

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Following these few steps, you can achieve a beautifully illuminated area in just a few minutes.

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How to install led strip lights step by step. Cut the strip light if necessary. Remove any dirt on the place you want to install the led strip light. If you are adding led strip lights to a 12 volt system like a boat, trailer or car, you will connect the positive and negative 12 volt leads to the controller.

By the way, check out our picks of best led strip lights for tiktok videos, bedroom , indoor use , mood lightning or we even have a collection of best led strip lights. Use a drill with the same diameter as that of the plastic expansion tube to create a hole in the wall (be sure to drill vertically and only once). After all, they are a lightweight and inexpensive solution for illuminating your spaces.

Step 3, fix the led strip light to the place where you want to install and with a zip tie to fix it stronger. Connect the controller receiver (white box) to the led strip; Once you’ve got the right length, attach a quick connecter to the end of the led strip if it doesn’t already have an input cable.

Familiarize yourself with led strips. Now, you can stick the strip lights to the desired surface. If you need to know only one part, you can jump to that part without having to read the whole article.

Once your strip lights are secured, you can attach it to the controller and power adapter, then plug it into an electrical outlet. You can cut the strip. Unroll the strip lights and stick them on your ceiling.

It will help you in sticking the strip lights to the ceiling. Installing led strip lights is fast and easy: Unroll the strip lights and remove the adhesive.

Follow us step by step for the actual work of installation, such as how to cut let strip lights, connect led strip lights to power supply, and more. Connect led light strip and turn on the light. After marking the installation location of led shop lights, install the hook.

Using the remote control, remove the insulation sheet first, press any color on the remote control to change the lighting color. As you can see, it is quite straightforward to connect alexa, raspberry pi, and led strip together and control the lights by your voice commands.moreover, this setup is flexible and extensible. Led step lighting can be installed internally or externally.

Step 2, because the truck has a battery, so we disconnect the battery negative. Then, cut the strip along the nearest dotted line to avoid damaging the components. Use a screw or led strip clips to help hold up the power supply.

To install led strip lighting, first run the strip across your chosen surface to work out how much you need. A simple tutorial for how to install led light strips under the kitchen cabinets, step by step o installing the led strip lights under cabinet with remote control the inadequate kitchen lighting can sometimes be frustrating, because sometimes the lack of light makes it difficult to determine if any of the food that is prepared are cooked or see if the amount of condiments that are put on the. If you want to install led light strips in your car, make sure to purchase strips that plug into the cigarette lighter so you don’t have wire them directly to the fuse box.

Click the deploy button and say: Step by step guide to outdoor led strip light installation posted by birddog lighting on aug 10th 2020 led lights use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. Calculate length of strips and power supply.

Install your led strip lights. People install led strip lights on multiple occasions, and this trend is here to stay! If adding them to your home, plug a transformer into the controller, then the transformer into an outlet.

You will need to decide where you want to mount your strip lights. That will save us to work. Make sure those arrows are facing each other so the lights receive the correct signals.

To go around this corner, we had to connect the two cut sections of led strip lights. The led strip and controller receiver (white box) both have arrows at the connection point. Each part of this guide can work independently.

Insert the tube and screw the hook into the ceiling to fix it. Choose the right brightness and color of your strips. Alexa, turn <device> to the led strip anywhere you want and enjoy it!

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